President Notes

Welcome our President, Katie Venable!

Katie Venable

Treasurer Notes

Jessi Hughes

  • Officially a nonprofit with a tax ID
  • Still working on paperwork; goal to be done in next 30 days
    • Until then UNABLE to collect money under the name of JSL therefore we are not collecting dues
  • yet
    • We will give PLENTY of notification once we are able to collect dues

PR/Media Notes

Deanna Burks

  • Mr. Sumner County Logo
    • You can view under our Events page and on Facebook.
  • We have added members and will continue to add new ones to site. 
    • Login is your email/password is your first name lowercase
    • Please login in and update your profile with bio, photo, business info, etc. 


Mary Kathryn Oliver

  • If there is anyone you would like to be added to the email list please let me know!
  • Next meeting is Tuesday August 11th at 6:00pm ­ Bluegrass Boat Dock. 
    • Please login to the Member Directory to sign up for food, etc. for your group. Group two is responsible for food at this event. 


Please login to the Member Directory to see the group you are in. 



Michelle Towe

Theme & Food

  • “Southern with a Twist”
  • Met with Bluegrass last week about layout
  • Will meet with chef soon regarding menu
  • Food will be in stations and upscale southern style
  • Signature drink (sweet tea + vodka in mason jars)
  • Entertainment such as impersonators during cocktail/auction hour
  • Still trying to work out details of possible drink tickets


Kristen Hollmeyer

  • Action team will be creating packets with letters for auctions items
  • We will set a time/place for next week to pick up the packets
  • We will also email out the auction letter in a pdf
    • Please do NOT print these out­ we want only color copies going to businesses
  • Use your local business connections for auction items!!
  • Every member required to have at least a $50 value in auction items
  • Make sure all auction items have value attached so the team can know where to start the bidding at
  • When collecting items/money “We are helping the Edison School...”
  • We need all auction items by our August Meeting (8/11)
  • Volunteers ­we will need a lot of help that night with set up, tear down, check out, etc ­
    • we will have sign­up sheets at the next meeting
  • As a group, we will be donating a “Beverage Basket” for the auction
  • Each need
    • Group (group list attached below) has been assigned a specific type of bottle to bring ­we these bottles also at our next meeting
      • Group 1 ­ liquor
      • Group 2 ­ red wine
      • Group 3 ­ white/blush wine
      • Group 4 ­ liquor