Please read the following auction rules carefully.

Silent-Auction Bidding

Each item in the silent auction has a bid sheet nearby. To place a bid, write your name, table number and the amount of your bid on the bid sheet. Each new bid must be written on the next line available on the bid sheet. Silent-auction bids will be disqualified if the minimum raised is not sufficient.

 An authorized auction representative may disqualify your bid if you are blocking the bidding table 15 minutes prior to the closing of the table. The silent-auction tables will be open for bidding at 6:00PM and will close after intermission. An authorized auction representative will circle or highlight the closing or winning bid.

Claiming Silent-Auction Items

All auction items must be removed from the premises at the end of the night. Once an item is paid for and is in your possession, The Junior Service League of Hendersonville (JSLH) is no longer responsible if it is lost, stolen or broken.

Disclaimer: All auction items are auctioned on an “as is” basis. Any description of auction items is for the sole purpose of identifying the items. JSLH, as the seller, and the auctioneer, when applicable, disclaim any expressed or implied warranties with respect to the auction items. Bidders are encouraged to preview the auction items before bidding.

Values listed are estimates.

Gift Certificates

Items, including gift certificates, may not be redeemed for cash nor may the expiration dates be extended. Note that goods, services and travel packages have various expiration dates specified by the donor and are subject to availability. No extensions, exchanges or refunds will be made.

Group Purchases

Group purchases are welcome; however, one person must be responsible for the bidding and payment.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute, the auctioneer or a JSLH representative shall have the sole and final discretion to determine the successful bidder or to resell the item in dispute.

Tax Deductibility

In compliance with IRS regulations, please note that the amount of the auction purchase price that is deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the amount of money paid above the fair market value of the auction item. Items designated as "Priceless" retain the value of the purchase price. We suggest that you contact your tax professional to determine the tax deductions (if any) for your specific purchase(s).

Item Shipping: In the event that the winning bidder does not pick up an item at the end of the auction, it is their responsibility to arrange pick up of the item. If the winner chooses to have the item shipped, they must pay the cost of shipping and delivery, with payment due in advance. If arrangements are not made within 30 days after the auction to pick up or ship the item, the winning bidder forfeits their right to that item and an alternative bidder may be contacted.

All Sales Are Final

We gladly accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, cash or personal check made payable to THE JUNIOR SERVICE LEAGUE

Rule Acceptance & Acknowledgement

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