Hendersonville Home Bound Meals Program Beneficiary Of 2017 Mr. Sumner County

The Home Bound Meals Program (HBMP) currently delivers an average of 100+ meals per day, Monday through Friday, to qualified home bound persons in our community. For many of these home bound persons, the volunteer who delivers the meal may be the only contact outside the home. We are committed in our efforts to continue providing this service to the Hendersonville community. 
The food served by HBMP is currently provided by a vendor that delivers it in bulk to a kitchen in the Community Church. Volunteers then package individual meals for distribution. Next, additional volunteers pick up and deliver the appropriate meal for each recipient.
HBMP must secure the funds to cover the cost of meals which are distributed among the recipients. Some recipients are able to make contributions in appreciation of HBMP; however, none are required to contribute. All who qualify are served regardless of economic status. The program is funded by donations from churches, clubs, businesses, individuals and local fund raisers, as well as grant money from the city of Hendersonville and the Memorial Foundation. Over 97% of all monies received by HBMP are used to provide the meals for the recipients.

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